Stop Treating Every Word Fabrizio Says As Gospel

Fabrizio Romano is a great journalist. When it comes to transfer stuff he’s one of the best in the business. He got to that point by generating good contacts and being right in an area where there’s so much bullshit.

That’s lead to him becoming essentially THE name in transfer rumors, which has inevitably gone to his head. His catchphrase “here we go” has become his brand. So much so that it’s now the name of his podcast.

That’s important. Because you have to remember that’s his brand, and he’s trying to grow that brand because it’s good for his career. That has turned him into a bit of a character and he’s going to do whatever he can to grow his brand. I don’t blame him for this one bit. Journalism is a dying industry where the publications are doing everything they possibly can to cut jobs and cut costs. If you have a name and can make money off that, you one hundred percent have to look out for yourself.

That means Fabrizio has to grow out. He’s gotta be active on social media. He’s got to keep his name in the news. Does that mean his accuracy is going to take a dip? For sure. It’s worth it though, because journalism has changed. In 2021 it’s not worse to be wrong, it’s worse to be silent.

That is why Manchester United fans, I beg of you, please stop taking everything this man says as gospel. For my sake, but mostly for your own sake, your own mental health, just stop. He says a lot, it gets you excited, it gets you wound up. Then none of it comes to fruition because none of it was really on the table to begin with and then you get angry and start yelling at the club for not signing a player they were never really looking to sign anyway. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s just a path you don’t need to follow.

Fabrizio has even admitted he focuses a lot more on Manchester United news because it gets him more engagement and more exposure. He’s recognized that this fan base are a bunch of sheep and he’s acting accordingly. It’s the smart business move.

That means if he’s gotta go to the well and just recycle something, he will.

Take this tweet.

We all want Dayot Upamecano. He’s a great young centerback. A month ago Fabrizio said United were out of the running for the Frenchman. Laurie Whitwell over at The Athletic said the same thing last week.

There are various reasons for it la da da but most fans came to the conclusion that Upamecano had chosen Bayern Munich over United so the club were pulling out to avoid embarrassment. Maybe that’s true, maybe not.

But “interested” doesn’t really mean anything nor is it new. Of course United are “interested,” they may still be interested but have already acknowledged that the player has chosen Bayern over them. There’s also the COVID thing.

COVID is hitting everyone really hard, including the big boys like Bayern Munich. It’s possible that they won’t be able to sign Upamecano this summer (they had to pull out of the Kai Havertz deal last summer). Because of that, United might be back in play.

Or maybe they’re not. There’s a lot of moving pieces here but the COVID thing has made everything incredibly fluid. Things change from one day to the next. A year ago Timo Werner was going to Liverpool in the summer while Donny van de Beek had an agreement with Real Madrid. Things changing on the daily as clubs learn more about how healthy their financial situation will be or won’t be.

That also makes Fabrizio’s job much more difficult. He could receive excellent information from a players agent on Monday that he’s going to go to x club, but by Wednesday things change on the club’s end and they can no longer sign that player. Thus the player remains available and moves on to choice number two.

In other words, everything is constantly and no one actually knows what’s going on. Not even Fabrizio.

So stop taking every word he says as gospel. None of these guys are moving in January anyway. It’s not FIFA, top players don’t move in January. Bruno Fernandes was a once in a generation exception to that rule. Just let it play out without getting all wound up about it.

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