United Happy Hour Episode 2

Kinda forgot to blog this earlier in the week when episode 1 dropped but episode 2 of The United Happy Hour with Pauly Kwestel is here!

United Happy Hour is a new project I’ve launched with The Elite Football Show. My boy Joe and I will be live on YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday to discuss the latest Manchester United stories.

We’re not here to spew narratives and clickbait. We’re here to put narrative and clickbait in it’s place. We’ll ask the hard questions but everything will be backed up by facts. That doesn’t mean the popular narrative is wrong (for example, there are very legitimate questions to ask of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer right now – ask those questions! Don’t just say he’s out of his depth)!

Most importantly, we want to have a conversation with you. Set your clocks for 12:30pm (ET) and 5:30pm (UK) every Tuesday and Thursday and join the conversation.

Enjoy episode 2, don’t forget to follow @utdhappyhour as well as like, rate, and subscribe. Audio links below.


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