I’ve found some Manchester United fans who deserve to be blasted into the sun

We’ve all had to find different ways to cope with COVID-19 and the lockdown. Everyone did it in their own way, and there’s nothing more than that. But while some were busy making tic-toks and doing the toilet roll challenge, 22 year old Marcus Rashford was busy trying to feed thousands of impoverished kids in the UK.

On Sunday, Rashford wrote an open letter to all members of UK Parliament urging them to extend the free school lunch program into the summer to make sure kids wouldn’t starve.

On Monday morning he went on the BBC to spread awareness for the cause.


Later on Monday, being the fucknut that he is, Boris Johnson said nah.

Rashford was not going to take that answer lightly and this morning posted this short thread on Twitter trying to keep awareness going.

Culminating in this tweet.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone but this thread was apparently the wake up call for some absolute IDIOTS to come out of their caves and identify themselves as being world class assholes. Let’s take a look.

Marcus Rashford’s annual salary is £10.4 million pounds a year. Obviously Elizabeth doesn’t understand how footballers wages and taxes work, but seeing how she’s an idiot, I’m not going to waste my time explaining it to her. Let’s just say that Rashford doesn’t see anywhere close to that. Now, even if he did, donating £9.8 million of that wouldn’t be enough to solve the problem. Also, this isn’t a footballers problem. This is literally the governments problem. 


OH MY GOD. Footballers might have time to think about things other than football??? How dare they! Hey Duncan. As a Manchester United fan I really hope that you kindly fuck off. 

What a ridiculously ignorant response. 

Sir Tonic, please do everyone a favor and get blasted into the fucking sun. Apparently fighting childhood hunger is cool and everything but now that we’re three days away from playing Tottenham those kids can go fuck themselves because it’s more important that Rashford is totally focused on winning a football match that will give you a few minutes of happiness this weekend right? Happiness while you drink your beer and eat your dinner that you can comfortably afford, while kids go hungry because the government is just like, meh fuck you. 

Most importantly, you really don’t seem to know how footballers schedules work. In fact, if you even followed Rashford on twitter at all, you’d know exactly how that works.

Let me break down Rashford’s day for you.
1. Wake up
2. Fight childhood hunger – probably send a few tweets about it
3. Go to training where he’s focused on staying fit, getting better, and entirely focused on Manchester United. This is about 3-4 hours of his day – maybe 5-6 if we’re really pushing it.
4. Return home from training, have the whole afternoon evening to yourself, so he fights childhood hunger
5. Eats dinner, thinks of ways he can have an impact on this
6. Goes to sleep

He literally tweets about it.

9:00 he heads to training. Doesn’t tweet again until 2:06 pm. Five hours. You know what he was doing during those five hours? Training for Manchester United with his focus on Tottenham!

Why are you all upset?? For 100 years we let kids starve over the summer so why should this year be any different? I’m totally down with feeding kids during the school year but over the summer they should go fuck themselves right??

Same shit as Elizabeth Richard. Rashford ain’t as rich as you think he is and his money alone won’t solve the problem. Oh by the way he is donating his own money, and I’m willing to bet he’s spending more money on this than you earn in a year. 

Another one who doesn’t understand how things work. Doctors/Nurses are paid by the state. Are they paid enough? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Is that Marcus Rashford’s fault? Also no. 

People pay money to go see Manchester United play. Companies spend millions to televise Manchester United matches so more people can watch. Those people are watching for players like Rashford – therefore Rashford deserves a big chunk of that money. If Rashford took less money would that go to doctors and nurses? Nope, it would just go into the pockets of his even richer owners. The rest of Rashford’s mentions are from people complaining that now taxpayers are going to have to pay for these children’s meals, and that these children need meals because of shitty parenting. There are definitely shitty parents out there but not all of them are.

And you know how much money a free school lunch costs? Not a lot! Those kids ain’t dining on gourmet meals.

You know who is dining on gourmet meals though? Boris Johnson and his other government officials. And guess who’s paying for those meals? TAXPAYERS.

So next time you want to complain about paying for other people’s meals, think about which side you’re complaining about.


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