David de Gea signs new contract at Old Trafford

Man Utd: David De Gea has signed a new long-term contract with Manchester United, keeping him at the club until at least June 2023. There is an option to extend for a further year.

I’ve got a bunch of thoughts on this and I’m gonna write them notebook style with no real narrative form.

Despite what you’ve heard in the transfer “rumors” there’s no real surprise here. Once Real Madrid signed Courtois and PSG moved for Kaylor Navas there was really nowhere for De Gea to go. No team could really afford to pay a massive transfer fee and give De Gea the wages he wants/deserves. The new tax laws in Italy made Juventus a bit of a late player there, but like PSG in Ligue 1, Serie A was never going to do it for De Gea.

The contract holdup came, as they all have, when United signed Alexis Sanchez and gave him astronomical wages. De Gea was in the midst of a historic season. United finishing second to Manchester City had far more to do with De Gea than Jose Mourinho or anyone else. No matter how many goals United scored that year, they were often bailed out by De Gea late.

With that happening it was no surprise that De Gea looked at Alexis, who was doing NOTHING and wondered why he was getting paid more than him. De Gea was the most important player in the team, and he wanted to be paid like it. He deserved it.

The problem was that would unbalance United’s wage bill even more than it already was. United had to take a stand, and they did. Now that Alexis left there’s a middle ground. United don’t have to give him Alexis money, but they could still make him the highest paid player (for now).

Since these rumors began the angle the media has constantly taking was that De Gea was “concerned about the direction the club is going in.” Did anyone think it’s possible that his concern was that the club kept signing high priced players who were only searching for their next paycheck? Getting the reassurance that Solskjaer was going to rebuild the club properly, and the board was going to back him, might have been exactly what De Gea wanted to hear.

Back in March De Gea started to suffer from a dip in form. At the time fans suggested it was because he was distracted by his contract situation. I always thought that was bullshit, De Gea’s a professional and it’s hard to imagine that a Patrick van Aanholt shot is squeezing through him because he’s too busy thinking he’s underpaid.

Rumor has it De Gea signed this contract on Friday and Saturday he was back to his tip top form so maybe there is something to it. Hopefully there is and now De Gea is as focused as he’s ever been. This team is built around defense, Solskjaer prioritizing the signings of Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Harry Maguire over attacking options this summer emphasizes that. They’re going to need to get a lot of 1-0 wins and De Gea is going to be huge part of that.

I always thought De Gea would sign eventually because I’ve never once gotten the impression that he’s actually wanted to leave the club. I believe that back in 2015 when the whole world thought he was going to Real Madrid.

The thing was, despite being asked about his future over and over again, De Gea never once said he wanted to leave Old Trafford or that he wanted to go to Madrid (he did at one point say he needed to discuss his future with his family).

The noise all came from two place. Real Madrid were putting out a million and one headlines saying De Gea wanted to come, and De Gea’s Spanish pop star girlfriend wouldn’t shut up about how badly she wanted him to come to Madrid.

Think about it from a human perspective. If De Gea doesn’t want to leave Old Trafford he can’t say that because that would upset his girlfriend. So he had to stay quiet. To this day I’m convinced it was United who were behind the fax machine scandal, and I wouldn’t be shocked if De Gea had privately signed off on it. As soon as the transfer window closed, De Gea signed a new deal. He’s never wanted to leave.

PS: Like I said earlier, apparently De Gea signed this contract on Friday, so why did we have to wait three days for the club to announce it? Probably so that the club could produce this video to announce the signing on social media. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE YOU ED WOODWARD!



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