David de Gea isn’t going to be leaving Old Trafford anytime soon

Two days ago all the reports were saying David de Gea was going to reject a new contract from Manchester United and leave for free next summer. On Tuesday The Guardian is saying he’s set to sign a new one, paying him £290k a week, roughly the same as Paul Pogba.

Transfer gossip is literally the foundation that the Premier League was built on. In a sport with very little media access and games just once (or twice) a week, transfer stories are what keep the Premier League in the daily news.

That doesn’t mean those stories have any validity. 90-95% of the rumors you hear are just agents planting stories and trying to use the media as part of their contract negotiations. They say teams are interested in their client in hopes of getting a new contract (and payday for them) or they try to engineer a move away from the club to command a new transfer fee and contract (and payday for them). With nothing else to talk about, the 24 hour news cycle media will regurgitate them to no end.

This wouldn’t be a problem if fans didn’t hang on every word the newspapers said. Nearly all these rumors should be ignored, in fact, if you just use a little bit of brain power you’d be able to see which rumors may have some validity, and which are garbage.

David de Gea isn’t leaving Manchester United. All it takes is a little bit of logic to come to that conclusion. For starters, where would he go?

He’s always been linked to Real Madrid but they just spent big money on Thibault Courtois. Their inability to get rid of Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez means they still don’t have much flexibility to add a second goalkeeper on high wages.

Last year PSG entered the conversation regarding De Gea, but they just moved for Kaylor Navas. There’s always been questions as to whether De Gea would actually go to the Ligue 1, but now why would PSG even need him? Navas is a four time Champions League winner, and PSG could probably win Ligue 1 with you or I in goal.

Juventus is a popular name but let’s be honest here, they can’t afford him either. Serie A clubs just don’t bring in the money to compete with the Premier League. Especially one that is committing such a high percentage of their available funds to Cristiano Ronaldo.

De Gea’s future at United has perpetually been up in the air since around 2014. There was the whole transfer sage in 2015 where the world was convinced he wanted to leave even though he never said as much or even acted that way.

Think about it, he showed up to training camp, he went on tour with the team, and he never ever said he wanted to go to Madrid (he did say he needed to think about his future, that was it).

The noise all came from De Gea’s Spanish popstar girlfriend. SHE was very vocal about wanting him to go to Madrid. Anyone who’s married or in a relationship would know that if De Gea had come out and said he wanted to stay in Manchester, that would cause a lot of problems at home. Instead he said nothing and happily signed a new contract.

De Gea is just simply negotiating for the best deal he could. This all started, like all of United’s contract problems, in 2018 when they signed Alexis Sanchez. De Gea was in the middle of having a truly historic season where he single handily carried United to second in the table. He took one look at Alexis’ giant wages and said, “right, I’m more important than him to this team, I should be making that much.”

Now that Alexis is gone United can bring those wages down a bit. De Gea will be put on the same wages as Pogba, which makes sense because they’re equally valuable to the club.

That’s all there is to it.

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