What a difference a year makes

You know that cliche “a lot can change in a year?”

Yea I know everyone is tired of it but holy fuck is it true. A year ago was a pretty dark time for me sports-fandom wise.

The Mets were long out of the playoff race. The Jets had a rookie QB whom I wasn’t sold on, a crappy head coach, and overall a pretty bad team. The Rangers were in full tank mode and not trying to win.

What started as my getaway from my shitty American sports teams, but eventually became my biggest passion, Manchester United, were even worse. They were about to start their third season under Jose Mourinho. As history tells us, that’s the season where everything goes to shit and it already was. The club was a mess in preseason and Mourinho was doing nothing but complaining.

Anyone could have seen that things were about to unravel and fall apart. It was hard to have any sort of optimism going into last year. The only hope was that Mourinho would be fired sooner rather than later and someone else would be able to come in and right the ship.

It led to a weird feeling where I wasn’t actively rooting against United, but I wasn’t really rooting for them to win either. It wasn’t fun.

Fast forward a year. The Mets have won 11 of 12 to suddenly become relevant again. Pete Alonso is mashing dingers and all of a sudden their a fun team to watch.

The Jets have a much better roster and a very bright QB who started to put things together at the end of last season. Their head coach is a bit of a wild card, but I’m more optimistic about him than others.

The Rangers tank paid off in spades. They landed the number two pick in Kaapo Kakko, who I think is actually better than the number one pick (at least he’s more of a pure goal scorer). They landed another prime goal scorer in free agency and added some young studs on the blue line. Furthermore last season showed how much potential head coach David Quinn has. Despite being in tank mode, he had a young team playing hard and battling every night. The team overachieved, but really what set them back was lacking a bonafide goal scorer. They have that now and this is going to be a fun year.

Then there’s United. There’s still a massive amount of negativity from the fanbase after the way things ended last year but that’s because mob mentality is never that strong. I for one couldn’t be more excited. They have a young team that are going to play an exciting brand of football. They have a manager who cares more about the club than himself.

Their ceiling may only be fourth place but that’s fine. It’s nice to see the club finally doing things right and taking a long term approach to fixing things rather than doing it all at once.

What a difference a year makes.

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