Harry Maguire called out sick from Leicester training

Harry Maguire called out sick from training on Monday. What?!? On what planet does that happen?

Players don’t call out sick, they show up to work, tell the medical staff they’re not feeling well and either don’t participate or get sent home. They don’t “call out” as if they were you or me!

A few weeks ago, when all the talk was about Paul Pogba trying to leave Old Trafford, I wrote about how Pogba wasn’t acting like a player angling for a move. When Antoine Griezmann and Neymar both didn’t report to preseason training as they angled for a move, Pogba showed up to Carrington.

He then went on the clubs tour in Australia and China and played fantastically.

The piece dove in to the further complexities as to why a Pogba move is so unlikely but there was another simpler theme in it. Players who “say” they want a move rarely actually want a move. If you want a move, telling the world you want one wouldn’t make any sense. It would simply lessen your value.

Instead, players that want a move act out, in hopes of trying to force one through. That’s what made today’s news so hilarious.

Over the past few weeks Manchester United have been trying hard to sign Leicester City centerback Harry Maguire. Leicester have stood firm on their valuation of him. And why not? The club aren’t pressed for money and Maguire has four years left on his contract! United should have to pay a premium to get him.

Maguire though sees the opportunity and wants to move. The only problem is he signed that damn five year contract last September. Leicester are in the position of power. Maguire needs to do something.

Maguire hasn’t been running his mouth about wanting to leave Leicester. His agent isn’t leaking transfer rumors. He’s a player that wants to leave and is trying to force it through.

On Monday he called out sick. That’s acting like a player trying to leave.

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