Manchester United’s rebuild has no chance if the owners and coaches can’t get on the same page

The Daily Mirror: Anthony Martial’s Manchester United future is secure – because the forward is viewed as the club’s “Pele” by co-chairman Joel Glazer.

Martial’s focus and commitment have been called into question by current United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his predecessor Jose Mourinho.

Both expressed concerns about the France striker’s attitude in training and matches, which led to suggestions the 23-year-old could be sold.

But Martial’s position is said to be safe, because executive co-chairman Glazer is such a fan and regards him as his favourite player at the club, according to sources.

That’s it. We’re two days in to the off-season and it’s already clear that Manchester United’s rebuild is doomed.

You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT have the owner of the club completely undermining the power of the manager like this.

This isn’t a situation like last summer where Jose Mourinho, who never liked the guy, wanted to off-load a 22 year old and replace him with a player on the wrong side of 30. Mourinho was only thinking short-term, and it’s completely understandable that the club was protecting their long term assets.

But Ole Gunnar Solskjaer isn’t Jose Mourinho. He’s not thinking short term, he’s thinking long term. He’s tasked with building a long term squad at Old Trafford, and to do that he needs players that are buying in. If he deems that a player isn’t buying in to a new regime and rebuild, then off-load him.

Look, I like Martial. I spent a lot of time last week writing about how Martial hasn’t really gotten a fair chance and United could get a lot more out of him. I believe in him and think he can be a great player for the club.

But if Solskjaer deems that he doesn’t have the right attitude for the long term future of this club you have to back him. You can’t have your owner undermining your decisions simply because he’s “a fan” of a player.

There are three types of owners in sports:
1) Owners who are in it for the investment
2) Owners who are fans, and smart
3) Owners who are fans with big egos

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke falls into the first category. Joel Glazer has now established that he falls into the third category. He’s the kind of owner who wants to win, and he’ll spend money to try and achieve that, but he wants to do it his way. He believes he’s smarter than everyone else.

Look at Jerry Jones. He’s a massive Dallas Cowboys fan. He badly wants to win and will spend top dollar to do so. But he also has a massive ego and insists on doing everything himself. He won’t hire a GM and makes all the football decisions himself.

Then you have guys like Robert Kraft and John Henry. They too are fans of the teams they own. They too want to win more than anyone.

The difference is they don’t think their the smartest people in the room. To fix that, they’ve gone out and hired the smartest people in the room. They let them make the sporting decisions. John Henry isn’t going to just recklessly throw his money around, but if his team tells there’s something he should be spending money on, he’ll spend whatever that something costs.

Now look at the results. The Cowboys haven’t won in forever. Kraft won six Super Bowls with the Patriots. Henry built the Red Sox into a juggernaut, and has built a budding one at Liverpool.

Meanwhile at Old Trafford United are struggling to even hire football people to make decisions for them. The Glazers don’t seem to be the kind of people who can even identify what kind of intelligence to look for. Remember, their the same people who hired Raheem Morris to coach their NFL team.

The Glazers have just shed light as to how they’ve been running the club for the past few years. If they’re going to continue down this path, it doesn’t matter who the manager is. The club has no chance.

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