Manchester City getting a one year ban from the UEFA Champions League would have zero effect

On Monday The New York Times reported that UEFA investigators were seeking to ban Manchester City from the Champions League for a year for breaching Financial Fair Play laws.

I’ll skip the nitty gritty here. City are guilty of doing this. You don’t need to read the documents. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it.

The basic gist of FFP laws is you can only spend what you bring in. Since Pep Guardiola arrived at Man City the club has spent roughly £495.65 million on transfer fees while only bringing in about £88.15 million. That’s a net spend of £407.50.

But that’s just the transfer fees. FFP laws govern everything and after you Leicester £60 million for Riyad Mahrez you then have to pay Mahrez his wages.

There’s just no possible way you can spend money like that without breaking the rules. Add in that all of City’s main sponsors are owned by the same entity that owns the club, and yea, there’s shadyness all over the place.

The investigators are pushing really hard for this punishment not for reasons of fairness or equality, but because if they don’t enforce these rules than all the work they did making the rules would basically have been for nothing. PSG already got off with a slap on the wrist, if City get off, why should anyone follow the rules?

Now, in the grand scheme of things, banning City from the Champions League for one year is essentially a slap on the wrist. It’ll hurt them simply because that’s the trophy they covet the most, but if you think it’ll affect them one iota, you’re out of your mind.

Certain teams need to be in the Champions League more than others. If they’re not, they’d risk a mass exodus of their players.

Manchester City are not that team. If they were to miss out on the Champions League none of their players would leave. For starters, where would they go? There are only so many teams that can afford that.

“But if you’re not in the Champions League you won’t be able to sign top players.”

Get out of here with that crap. People love to give you that line and it’s complete rubbish.

Being in the Europa League in 2016/17 didn’t stop Manchester United from signing Zlatan Ibarhimovic and Paul Pogba. Two years earlier they signed Angel Di Maria away from Real Madrid when they were out of Europe all together!

That same season both Liverpool and Chelsea had no continental football on the docket. That didn’t stop them from signing Joel Matip, Sadio Mane, Georgino Wijnaldum, Marcos Alonso, or N’Golo Kante.

It’s true that none of those players had ever played in the Champions League and tasted that fruit before but N’Golo Kante had just won the league and qualified for the Champions League. He still chose to leave and go to Chelsea!

City have money, money talks. They won’t have a problem signing anyone.

If City were to be banned from the Champions League all that would happen is they’d plow through their domestic schedule and return to Europe a year later even more angry.

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