Maybe United just shouldn’t have a goal of the month this month

In the month of April only Scott McTominay and Juan Mata scored goals from open play for Manchester United. Therefore it was no surprise when McTominay won the team’s player of the month award because, well I guess because they wanted to tweet something.

Last week when McTominay scored against Huddersfield I tweeted the following.

Well joke’s on me! McTominay’s goal was the only one United scored this month, making him a shoe in for the award in back to back months.

You know what, maybe this month they just shouldn’t. Maybe the club should just tell the social media guy to take some time off. Maybe just have the social media channels go dark until you announce the departure of Romelu Lukaku or Alexis Sanchez.

I think that would go over a lot better with the fan base than reminding us that the team only scored three goals from open play since mid March.

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