Deadspin apparently has no idea what the word “tight” means

Deadspin: Manchester City crowned champions of tightest Premier League title race ever:

Considering that Deadspin is a website that has been around (and bankrupt) for several years I would think they know the definition of simple words like “tight.” In case they, or you, don’t, here’s the definition.

Tight: (when used as an adverb)

very firmly, closely, or tensely

There is no question that this year’s Premier League title race was tight. Ultimately Manchester City prevailed by a single point over Liverpool to win the title. That’s very tight! It’s hard to even get closer.

But it has been closer. And if that closer race took place in 1959 I’d forgive Deadspin for missing it. But not only did it not take place 60 years ago, this wasn’t even the tightest title race this decade.

That honor goes to 2012, a mere seven years ago, when Manchester City and Manchester United finished even on points and City won the title on goal differential. Last time I checked, the same number of points is a bit tighter than zero points.

Whoa shoutout to Newcastle, top five!

This pretty much goes without saying because if you’re reading this you know but I’ll say it anyway. I’m a massive Manchester United fan. This season’s title race between Manchester City and Liverpool, who were easily the two best teams in all of Europe, is basically the worst case scenario for how a season can go for me.

As a fan, this was brutal to watch. But as a fan of soccer, this was incredible. At the start of January, City were seven points behind Liverpool. Their win on January third pulled them to within four.

Over the next five months what happened was simply incredible. Liverpool won 46 of their final 51 points (90.2%) to finish with 97 points. City were somehow even more spectacular. The won 47 of their final 51 points (92.3%) to finish with 98.

For context, in 2005 Chelsea set the record for most points in a season with 95. Liverpool and City both eclipsed that.

City incredibly won 19 of their final 20 matches. In order to beat Liverpool City had to win their final 14 games of the season, the second longest winning streak in Premier League history.

City’s title win is hands down the greatest title run not just in Premier League history, but in English football history. It is somehow better than last year when they won 100 points.

There are so many words you can use to describe this title race. Exhilarating, tantalizing, breathtaking, thrilling, rousing, incredible, or simply “the greatest ever.”

Somehow Deadspin chose “tightest.” The one word that is factually wrong.

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