If these Daniel James rumors are true than Manchester United’s rebuild is off to a great start

Friday morning Sky Sports News reported that Manchester United were close to signing Swansea City winger Daniel James for £15 million.

This would be a fantastic start to United’s summer re-build, which will be lengthy. James is a 21 year old winger who scored four goals and nine assists for Swansea in the Championship this year.

Forgetting Jame’s production, this is exactly the kind of player United should be going after. He’s young, he’s cheap, and he’s hungry to get better. He’s also really good!

The 21 year old is a right footed winger who can play on both sides. United plan on using him on the right, which I’m not entirely sold on (crossing is archaic, but more on that next week hopefully). On the left side James can be a big time goal scoring and creative threat.

At 21, James is still raw. Which is perfect. He’s going to improve with time. Remember, Sadio Mane was not a 20 goal scorer when Liverpool signed him. Andy Robertson, by far the best left back in the league this year, was signed from Hull.

It’s important to remember that United probably aren’t going to be competing for many trophies next year outside of the Europa League. Their strategy for this summer should be to bring in younger players and give them a year to settle in.

There are of course United fans against this signing. Those fans think United should be signing big names. That a player from Swansea isn’t big enough for Manchester United.

I’d remind those fans that Dele Alli came from MK Dons, Andrew Robertson came from Hull, and that both Gareth Bale and Sadio Mane came from Southampto but they don’t want to hear it. These are the same fans who think United should sell Pogba (which would make the team objectively worse) and are fed up with all the big names already in United’s squad who just care about money.


Forget those fans. Sign Daniel James. Sign more players like him. That’s what this club needs and if this signing happens it’s a sign that the team is moving in the right direction.

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