It’s unfathomable to me how Ed Woodward isn’t trying to hire Jon Rudkin

At this point “Director of Football” is just a buzz word Ed Woodward uses to get the fans and media off his back. He’s talked about hiring one since last summer, but when asked about a timeline he always brushes it off.

With the season coming to an end, the pressure is on for Woodward to move. Woodward’s response to that has been throwing around ridiculous names such as Mike Phelan or Rio Ferdinand. Two people with no director of football experience.

Then you watch Manchester City throw everything and the kitchen sink at Leicester as they try to break them down and stay ahead of Liverpool in the title race. They barely did it, mostly because Leicester are a really good team!

How are Leicester so good? Simple, they’ve have an exceptional scouting network. They find gems from all over Europe when no one else is looking.

It’s a huge advantage and wouldn’t a team like Manchester United like that advantage?

Since becoming Leicester’s Director of Football in 2014, Jon Rudkin signed players like Jamie Vardy, Danny Drinkwater, Riyad Mahrez, and N’Golo Kante. That core rather famously won the Premier League in 2016.

Since then, Leicester’s title winning team has slowly been dismantled as players were either poached away or chose to leave. While that happened, Rudkin slowly started building another strong young team.

He signed Harry Maguire from Hull, plucked Wilfried Ndidi from Genk in Belgium, last summer he brought in fullback Ricardo Pereira from Porto, and this winter he landed the big prize, Youri Tielemens on loan from Monaco. That’s in addition to bringing talents like James Maddison, Demari Gray, and Ben Chillwell through the academy.

The sum of all those players, £50.38 million. That’s less than the price of Fred!

The man has an eye for talent. And while he’s not doing this with no budget, he’s certainly not doing it with the budget Ed Woodward has. Imagine what he could do with the resources of Old Trafford!

If Ed Woodward was serious about making Manchester United better, he’d be on the phone with Jon Rudkin right now. Forget about Gareth Bale, forget (for a moment) about Jadon Sancho. Take all that money and throw it at Rudkin to leave Leicester for Old Trafford.

Then once Rudkin is here, you’ll find the next Gareth Bale. Make it happen Ed!

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