Coming Up: Advanced Breakdowns

Manchester United’s season is now confirmed to be ending with a whimper. With that, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this team and where they are going next summer.

There will be a lot of player turnover, they still don’t have a director of football. More importantly, how did we get here? Why are the fans still so divided on where the blame lies? Is all of the criticism fair?

I have a lot of #takes on a lot of different matters here and yet I’ve been relatively silent over the past few weeks. Why? I’d love to say I’ve been busy, but everyone knows that’s not true. I love and breathe this club, what could be keeping me away?

Well I actually have been busy. In the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of research with advanced stats. It’s been a full on deep dive as I attempt to answer a lot of questions such as which players are actually good vs what does the media say? Which players underperformed? Which players just aren’t that good?

Here are some of things I’m looking to post in the coming days.

What exactly is Romelu Lukaku?

What’s next for Paul Pogba?

How can we get the best out of Anthony Martial?

Why Luke Shaw isn’t that bad.

I have a lot of posts in the pipeline, both with the advanced stats and about the direction the club needs to go in. I’m excited to finally start posting the results of my research.

I’ll post links to the various posts that come from this, so you this page can become a de-facto home base for the advanced stats – and I’ll keep it updated as I post more.

I’ve also been creating a lot of radars, which are good for visualizing the data and making comparisons. You can get a full breakdown of the information in my radar’s here.

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