Manchester United: (NYSE: MANU) Manchester United announces that current caretaker manager and former striker, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, has been appointed as the club’s full-time manager on a three-year contract.

Interesting timing but the inevitable has happened. Ole is in charge, permanently. It’s a great day for Manchester United and all their fans.

Since Solskjaer has taken over he’s passed every test. He’s brought the good feelings back to Old Trafford. He’s brought the attacking football back to Old Trafford. He’s brought the never say die attitude back to Old Trafford. Most importantly, he’s brought the winning back to Old Trafford.

Solskjaer will always have his critics. There’s no doubt he inherited an incredibly talented squad but he’s proven time and time again that his tactical acumen goes beyond telling the guys to “just go out there and play.” He had different plans against Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, and PSG, and he won away at all of them.

Solskjaer’s man management has been impeccable, creating an atmosphere where every player, even the ones who rarely play, are ready to step up when their name is called. Missing five of his top six forwards, Solskjaer went to PSG and won with his B team. Sure his critics will say he got lucky, and he did, but good teams create their own luck. United had a game plan that gave them a chance to win if they just got a few opportunities, they got them and they took advantage of them. That’s what good teams do.

Ed Woodward had previously said United wouldn’t be making any changes to their manager position until the end of the season but this announcement had to come now. Ole’s performance in January and February made it clear he was the right man for the job. Announcing it now gives the club long term stability and they could start planning for their summer.

Keeping Ole around also ensures United will be returning to their transfer policy of old. Buy good, young, long-term players. Give them time to settle into the squad. Give the academy kids a chance as well. That’s what the club did at it’s most successful point and that’s what the club is going to return to.

Ole’s at the wheel! Tell me how good does it feel!


PS: United have now signed up Ole, Real Madrid have signed Zidane, somewhere Mauricio Pochettino, the hottest name on the market just four months ago, has to be sitting there wondering how he’s been subjected to a life forever at Tottenham.


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