Christian Pulisic left the USMNT game injured tonight and that’s not a big deal

Twitter: @AmericanOutlaws Christian Pulisic is subbed off after just 35 minutes with an apparent injury 😞😞😞

Christian Pulisic, the boy wonder, the USMNT savior scored the US’s first goal against Chile, and his first since 2017, before being subbed off with an injury. Apparently that caused Twitter to go into a full blown freak out, which is to say, a little overblown.

There’s no doubt the US lost all of it’s creative spark once Pulisic left. He’s that important to the team. But his injury? His substitution was a precaution. He should be fine.

But even if he’s not, what’s the deal here? Pulisic already lost his spot in Dortmund’s starting XI. That’s good in terms of getting time to recover but bad for the USMNT.

Nevertheless whether he’s injured or not, Pulisic isn’t getting time with Dortmund in the near future. The only thing that’s important is whether he’s healthy for the Gold Cup this summer.


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