The American Outlaws have a player of the year award and it’s a farce

Look I get it. American Outlaws is a fan organization and this vote is strictly a popularity contest but cmon people. Voting Pulisic as the 2018 player of the year just makes us all look dumb.

2018 wasn’t a banner year for US Soccer, at all. I’m not sure what the qualifications for this award are other than “pick your favorite American player.”

If that’s the case, call the award the American Outlaws favorite player award. Because giving Christian Pulisic any award for 2018 is almost a disservice to him and our intelligence as fans. Take a look at the “highlights” the American Outlaws have chosen for Pulisic’s 2018.

We’re applauding him because Chelsea deemed him worth a ton of money? That’s it?

Here’s what actually happened for Pulisic in 2018.

  • Scored one goal in the second half of last year’s Bundesliga campaign
  • Made three appearances with the USMNT scoring a whopping zero goals
  • Lost his place in Dortmund’s XI starting just one league game after September

It’s not a stretch to say 2018 was the worst year of Pulisic’s professional career. Giving him an award with the words “player of the year” just make it seem like the people that voted don’t know of anybody else.

In reality this award should have went to Tyler Adams. In 2018 Adams was capped eight times by the USMNT, scored his first career international goal (a winner against Mexico no less!), and helped the Red Bulls to their third MLS supporters shield. He capped that all off by signing with RB Leipzig and walking into the starting XI of the team that’s currently third in the Bundesliga.

Christian Pulisic might be better than Tyler Adams – the fact that we’re at this point saying might just shows how different 2018’s both these players had. Tyler Adams was better in 2018.

Be better American Outlaws.

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