Apparently everyone wants to be the least competent organization in New York sports

The greatest myth that has ever been sold in the city of New York is that this is a prestigious sports town. It’s a feeling that comes from the success of the 80’s and 90’s.

The 80’s saw the Islanders won four Stanley Cups, the Giants won a Super Bowl, and the Mets won the World Series. The 90’s were bookended by Giants Super appearances, the Knicks made a run to the NBA Finals the same spring that the Rangers won the Cup, the Jets made a run to the AFC Championship, and the Yankees won four of the last five World Series culminating with a Subway Series win over the Mets.

That was a different time. Sports in New York these days sucks. Owners have passed away, leaving team control to their terrible kids. In other cases shitty owners bought in. In other cases, owners just suck.

Seriously, the debate in New York these days isn’t who’s the best team (the Yankees have no competition there), or even who’s the most well run team (that’s probably the Devils but you can say the Yankees). The debate is which team is the least competent.

It used to be you had the Yankees and Giants and then everyone else. The two held on to the popular term of “big brother” over the Mets and Jets for two reasons. It wasn’t because they were more successful, but simply because they were around longer and were run much better.

Over the past 15 years it seemed like the Yankees and Giants were more interested in winning on the field, while the Mets and Jets were more interested in winning the back pages. Success for the Yankees and Giants has just been a by-product of that.

These days it’s a whole different story. The Jets are run by a guy who only cares about the back page. The Islanders can’t get an arena situation worked out. The Rangers and Knicks are run by a giant man-baby. And the Mets? They’re run by a broke guy and his son who choose to operate the second biggest club in baseball as if it’s a small market team.

The situation in New York is bad. So bad that WFAN’s Evan Roberts ran this poll over the weekend and look at the results.

It’s almost 50/50! The fact that a town with James Dolan or the Wilpon’s even has to debate this is astonishing.

It all got worse this weekend when James Dolan threatened to ban a fan from Madison Square Garden just for telling Dolan to “sell the team.” That’s it. No insults, no profanity. Just one fan letting the owner know that he doesn’t like him. And because the owner is such a baby, he wants to kick this guy out because his feelings were hurt.

It doesn’t end there. Tuesday Dolan went on the Michael Kay show on ESPN Radio, which happens to be his team’s broadcast partner, for a ridiculous softball interview. Dolan complained about the media writing bad things about the Knicks. That is pretty much what the media’s job is if the Knicks aren’t good, which for the past decade they haven’t been.

Dolan went on to blast The Ringer’s Bill Simmons, saying he’s colluding against the Knicks and doesn’t want free agents to sign there.

Mr Dolan, here’s the thing about Bill Simmons. He built up an entire media empire on the back of being a massive Boston sports fan/homer. He has never pretended to be an unbiased member of the media. He’s unapologetically a Celtics fan.

Obviously he wants free agents to sign with the Celtics over the Knicks. He’s allowed to tweet about that and say it on his podcast. Is he friends with the team’s GM? Possibly, but he’s still a fan and his platform was built on that.

To give you the full description of what a shit-show New York is. Fans barely had enough time to comprehend Dolan’s idiocy before the Giants dropped some on their own by trading Odell Beckham Jr.

I don’t really have thoughts on the trade. I think it’s dumb to trade a young stud like Beckham but there are plenty of (older) fans who hate the guy because he likes to express himself on the sidelines.

The issue with the Beckham trade is it shows the Giants have no strategy whatsoever. They gave Beckham a new contract just last year. GM Dave Gettleman then said “we didn’t sign Odell just to trade him.”

Last year the Giants took a team that wasn’t ready to win and tried to win right away. It didn’t work, and now they need to rebuild but are they? That’s still unclear but I would think rebuilding around a dynamic running back and dynamic wide receiver would be a smart play.

The Giants mess wasn’t actually their owners here but don’t get me wrong this goes right back to them. Dave Gettleman is proving to be a truly bad general manager, which is expected because he has a track record of being a pretty bad general manager. I mean, the guy doesn’t see any value in trading down in the draft to get more picks.

Who are the ones that hired him? The owners.

Right now New York is filled with bad owners, and for some reason it feels like they’re only trying to get worse, not better.

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