You are an idiot if you think David De Gea’s mistake against Arsenal was because of contract negotiations

Manchester Evening News: “When asked whether De Gea’s contract situation had impaired his focus, Solskjaer replied: “Not at all, David’s really focused and concentrated he’s too professional to let his mind wander. the best players know how to focus and he’s been absolutely fantastic.””

I don’t know who is suggesting that De Gea is distracted but that is the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard. I can’t even understand how dumb you have to be to suggest that De Gea accidentally takes a step to his left, rather than his right, on Granit Xhaka’s shot because he’s thinking about his contract negotiations in the middle of a game.

David de Gea is under contract until the end of 2021. Does he want to make more money? Of course he does. Especially because Alexis Sanchez gets paid a significantly more than him and he does fuck all. De Gea wants to be paid more than Alexis and he absolutely should! This is a problem that United brought onto themselves when they signed Alexis.

But that’s as far as De Gea’s connection to this goes. David de Gea is not walking into Ed Woodward’s office daily asking where his contract is. That’s what he has a team of agents for. They’re the ones that deal with this crap. David just plays football.

Obviously he wants this done sooner rather than later, but to suggest those thoughts are in his head and taking away from his concentration during a match is asinine.

Manchester United aren’t letting De Gea leave. From a business side it makes sense to wait. You don’t want to inflate the wage bill and you can try to sell Alexis over the summer so his wages aren’t used as the starting point in the conversation.

United have time. Again, De Gea’s contract doesn’t expire for another two years. They also know that De Gea isn’t going to take a stand and demand to leave, for two reasons.

The first is he has nowhere to go. His long reported destination of Real Madrid just splashed a ton of money on Thibault Courtois last summer. He’s not going to go to PSG and toil away in uncompetitive Ligue 1 week after week.

More importantly De Gea himself doesn’t want to go anywhere. If he did want to return to Madrid he would have opened his mouth during the long transfer saga back in 2015 and forced through a move to Real. He didn’t, because he wanted to stay in Manchester.

(It’s important to remember context here. De Gea’s Spanish pop-star girlfriend was the vocal one about wanting a move to Madrid. For the sake of his relationship De Gea couldn’t come out and say he wanted to stay in Manchester. Staying quiet was a loud indicator of his true feelings). 

De Ge made a mistake on Sunday. United caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was quick to go on record and say he didn’t think it was a mistake, that the ball had a tremendous amount of swerve. Some people have run with it and defend him too.

Of course Ole is going to say that, he never criticizes any of his players. The ball did has a ton of swerve on it but it’s completely fair to say that he made a mistake.

That’s OK! Mistakes happen! Howlers happen;Even to the best goalkeepers! You just have to hope they happen when you’re already up 3-0 but sometimes they happen in big moments.

Wednesday night’s thrilling 3-1 win at the Parc de Princes  happened because Gianluigi Buffon, who at one time was widely considered to be the best goalkeeper in the world, made a colossal error that Romelu Lukaku turned into United’s second goal (he also was caught out on the first)! You don’t expect Buffon to make those mistakes but he did.

There are some suggesting that De Gea’s been in poor form this entire season because of the contract distraction. That’s equally ridiculous.

Sure De Gea hasn’t been as good as he was last season but that’s mainly because last season he was off-the-charts historically good. It would simply be impossible to keep playing at that pace.

There’s no denying De Gea had a bad World Cup. I can’t explain why. Maybe the moment got to him, maybe he was hurt, maybe he just had a bad run of games. It could be any of a number of reasons, but no one then suggested it was because of a contract dispute at club level.

De Gea has been “bad” this year only in terms of the ridiculous standards that we expect from someone who played as well as De Gea played last year. By all other accounts he’s been tremendous once again. Don’t believe me? Check out this Mike Goodman piece which was written in November when the Spaniard was actually in the midst of a pretty bad run of form!

De Gea made a mistake Sunday. That’s all it is. It happens, statistically speaking it’ll probably even happen again! De Gea will move on from it and all United fans can do is hope the next mistake doesn’t happen at a crucial moment.

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