Jose Mourinho is apparently now weighing in on Ole Solskjaer’s reign at Manchester United?

Sportbible: When talking about Fulham’s decision to get rid of Claudio Ranieri at the end of last month, Mourinho compared the situation with Manchester United’s decision to sack him.

“Can [Fulham] get a better manager than Claudio? Not at all,” Mourinho told beIN Sports.

“Can you compare the experience between Claudio and Scott, who is going to coach a team for the first time? Not at all.

“But sometimes in football, and you have the example with my former club (Manchester United hiring Solskjaer), that sometimes changes on the immediate.

“I don’t believe too much in these changes in the long term – but these changes on the immediate, there are sometimes some positive results.”

First of all, who the fuck cares about what Jose Mourinho has to say? Especially when it’s in regards to Ole Solskjaer, a man who looked at the United squad and saw what he had rather than what he didn’t.

Classic Mourinho here to bring up United out of the blue to try and remind everyone, I’m Jose Mourinho I’m a good manager, what happened here isn’t my fault it’s just a weird aberration, I’m still a good manager. No you’re not bro. You just want attention.

And of course Mourinho is just blatantly wrong. The immediate is already over, yet Ole is still winning. In fact, even when dealing with a massive injury crisis, Ole is still winning.

When Mourinho got fired from Chelsea (funny how this seems to keep happening to him) Chelsea got themselves that immediate bump. They had one just one in their last seven and when Mourinho left they won… four of their next 10. But at least they drew the other six! That’s an improvement.

Ole hasn’t lost in the league. He’s dropped just four points. They did lose to PSG, so the honeymoon is over and how did they respond to that? They went to Stamford Bridge with a bunch of injuries and won 2-0.

Why are we even still giving Jose Mourinho a platform? He’s a man who’s past his time desperate to stay relevant so he can swindle some other big club into thinking he’s still good and could hire him.

He’s wrong about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He was wrong about Paul Pogba being bad. He was wrong about Alexis Sanchez being good. He bought Romelu Lukaku and had no idea how to use him. He wanted to swap Anthony Martial for Willian. He didn’t know what he had in Marcus Rashford. This isn’t very surprising from a man who sold Kevin de Bruyne and Mohammad Salah AMONG MANY OTHERS!

Jose is going to keep talking because he’s the master at working the media, but media, stop giving him a damn outlet. He’s just an old man trying to spin things to make you think he’s still good at this. He’s not! And more importantly. Nobody gives a fuck over what he has to say.

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