The Mets are now doing promotional giveaways for Spring Training games

I have two things to say here.

First: Those David Wright bobbleheads, those are just leftovers from an old promotion right? Like for real?

Second: Spring Training promotions; that’s a thing? Who the fuck does that? Are we seriously worried about people coming out to the ballpark for Spring Training games?

Here’s a breakdown of who goes to Spring Training games:

1) The residents of Port St. Lucie Florida who get excited for the one month a year that the Mets are in town.

2) Mets fans from New York looking for a quick escape from the cold weather and a chance to watch some baseball while they’re at it. Maybe they’re taking their kids down because player access is better at Spring Training than anywhere else. It’s a cool experience. Nevertheless these fans are undoubtedly complaining about how cheap the current owners are, even though they’re putting money into the owners pockets which makes them complicit with the owners non-winning attitude.

That’s it. That’s the list. I can’t imagine Spring Training attendance numbers fluctuate that much for any team. It’s basically the same people every year.

Yet here are the Mets, looking for any cheap way to try and put butts in the seats. They’re willing to entertain any idea as long as it’s not the one idea that will actually work.

Sign Bryce Harper. Trust me, you sign him, butts will be in the seats.

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