Cristiano Ronaldo went full Jose Mourinho this week The 34-year-old took plenty of abuse from the stands over the course of 90 minutes and made a point of responding as he reminded those in attendance of his collection of Champions League medals.

He also bellowed at those in the mixed zone afterwards : “I have five Champions Leagues, you [Atletico] have none.”

I know this was a few days ago but this is not a good look from Ronaldo.

I get it though. He used to play for Atletico’s in city rival, they hate him, they’re taunting him, and he’s firing back. He’s won more than them. That’s a fact.

But you know who doesn’t give a fuck about how many Champions League titles you’ve won? Juventus fans. You’ve won one with Manchester United, and four with Real Madrid. Juventus fans don’t give a shit about that, they only care about you winning one with Juventus.

Ronaldo has gone full Jose Mourinho. When United were eliminated from the Champions League in the round of 16 last year Mourinho spoke about how this wasn’t a big deal because he’d eliminated United at that stage twice. This year when Chelsea fans taunted him he bragged about winning sree titles at Stamford Bridge.

You know who didn’t want to hear any of that? United fans. When you’re the manager of United the fans could care less what else you’ve done, you’re job is to win at United.

Same thing applies to Ronaldo and if he’s going to keep bragging about what he’s done before Juventus, that won’t bode well for his future with Juventus fans.

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