How do you think Chelsea’s senior figures meeting about Maurizio Sarri went?

Chelsea brass meeting after a string of poor results (losing 4-0 to Bournemouth, 6-0 to Manchester City, beating Malmo 2-1, and then losing to Manchester United 2-0 certainly qualifies as poor) is nothing surprising.

The club has created a culture where the inmates run the asylum, the players have all the power. That’s not a new thing, nor is it an Eden Hazard thing. It goes back to the days of club legends John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Ashley Cole. If the players don’t like the coach, they’ll quit on him and the club will just fire the coach.

At this point it’s pretty clear the club has quit on Sarri. His tactics are questionable and his refusal to change is comical. Senior figures coming together to discuss this isn’t anything surprising.

Having said that, it’s only Sarri’s first season and he really hasn’t had a chance to make his mark on the team. If he’s going to be successful he certainly needs more time.

So how did this meeting go?


That’s never a good sign when the club is already lining up replacements for you. Then again that’s life at Chelsea, if you’re not winning a trophy every four months your ass is on the hot seat.

There’s a reason the club’s two longest tenured managers of the Roman Abramovich era are Jose Mourinho and Jose Mourinho. That’s the same Jose Mourinho who is synonymous with “not a long term coach.”

Go ahead Chelsea, fire Sarri. Dig yourselves into a bigger hole. Your rival fans are loving this!

PS: At least Sarri is staying on brand by being completely oblivious to everything that’s going on around him.

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