Jacob deGrom has every right to limit his innings

New York Post: Jacob deGrom wants to extend his relationship with the Mets long term, but is still waiting for the team to step up with an offer.

And if an agreement can’t be reached by his imposed Opening Day deadline, the reigning National League Cy Young Award winner hasn’t ruled out the idea he will look to reduce his workload in 2019 to protect future interests.

“You play this game because you love it and then you have an opportunity to look out for your family and your future, so you have to see what’s right for you to do and I think that’s a discussion that’s going to have to be had with my agents,” deGrom said Thursday at First Data Field, following the first official workout of spring training for Mets pitchers and catchers.

Here’s the thing. Jacob deGrom is the best thing the Mets, specifically their fans, have. If deGrom decided to limit his own innings to protect his arm, it’s ultimately the Mets fans who would be hurt by this the most. We’re not the ones playing hardball with him but we’re the ones that would miss out on getting to see him pitch every five days.

And yet, I side with him. In fact, it’s ridiculous for any Mets fan to side with the team over any of the players.

For years we’ve watched these owners be as cheap as possible despite owning a club in the biggest market in the country. How can we believe them when they tell us they have the best interests of the team in mind? What have the Wilpon’s done to earn the benefit of the doubt?

deGrom has been adamant that he wants to sign a long term contract with the Mets. Hell, the man who was leading the charge last year is now working for the Mets and has the power to get that done. But instead he’s acting like yet another pawn of the Wilpons.

I love Jacob deGrom. I have since I first saw him pitch in Spring Training of 2014. Last year I even said maybe the Mets should trade him because he deserves to pitch for a winner (or at least a team that gives him any run support).

He’s too good for the Mets. He certainly deserves to get paid and if the Mets are going to jerk around their greatest asset, then do whatever you have to do to protect yourself until you can get paid by someone who wants you.

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