Congratulations Daniele Orsato, people now know who you are

What a fucking bullshit game. I hate blaming refs, and I don’t even think he cost United the match, but seriously fuck this guy. He did a horrific job. Was completely inconsistent across the board.

In the first half PSG made it clear United were the better team. They were hacking and flopping every chance they got. Italian referee Daniele Orsato never took control of the situation and was late in breaking out his bookings. Then he gives a couple of really soft bookings on United, even though what PSG was doing was way worse. It was as if he was trying to make this about himself.

Just completely inconsistent. Ashley Young’s yellow card? A complete joke. Ashley Young not getting a yellow for shoving Angel Di Maria into the stands? Also a joke (Young coming away with one yellow was completely fair). Pogba’s first yellow? Soft as can be.

Then the second half starts and Kimpembe mauls Rashford and pulls him down from behind. By the standards that the ref was calling the game in the first half that should have easily been a (2nd) yellow for Kimpembe, he doesn’t even give a free kick!

Of course just a few minutes later Kimpembe tucks in the first goal. That’s just how sports work.

Putting the bow on top of Orsato’s shit masterpiece was the second yellow on Paul Pogba. 50/50 ball that Pogba and Alves both go for, bad challenge that hits both of them and somehow Pogba gets a 2nd yellow.

I know the still shots will show Pogba’s studs making contact with Alves’ shin. It makes it look a lot worse but I’m sorry that’s not a yellow.

It’s one thing if you go for a challenge, miss, and get the shins with the studs. Pogba was trying to use his body to shield the ball. Him and Alves were both going really hard with only eyes for the ball. That shit happens multiple times a game and nothing gets called.

If you’re going to say doesn’t matter and his studs got him on the shins and that’s a red, fine. But let me ask you something, isn’t an elbow to the face a red card too? Interesting how one is just a tussle but the other is clear cut. Last time I checked, an elbow to the face is pretty clear cut too.

Now again, while the referee basically stripped United of any chance they had in the second leg, I don’t think he cost them the match. It was always going to be a tall task once they lost Lingard and Martial. Their entire attack, and first line of defense was gone. Alexis Sanchez and Juan Mata just can’t do what Lingard and Martial do.

PSG knew it too. They immediately threw more people forward and more importantly, they stopped fouling! It’s like they knew they had nothing to be afraid of!

That’s the biggest problem. One team set out with a tactical plan to foul as often as possible, the referee let it go, and the other team ends up with two injured players and their best player suspended for the second leg.

Congrats Orsato, people know who you are now.

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