The tone-deaf Mets are waiving ticket fees in the month of February as if that will help sell tickets

New York Mets: Ticket fees will be waived for all 2019 regular season home games for tickets purchased during the month of February through this exclusive offer.

Fans will be able to purchase tickets to any 2019 Mets home game at Citi Field with the Mets covering the associated ticket fees until Thursday, February 28.

Unbelievable. It really is.

I wish I could be in the room when Mets brass came up with this idea. They’re sitting around a table looking at how tickets aren’t flying off the shelf this winter. They need to make money, they need to sell tickets. What could we do to address both those issues? Finally one guy sitting there says “I’ve got it, why don’t we take the shortest month of the year, and waive the online tickets fees?” Brilliant!

Come on. Who the hell is running to their computers to buy tickets for a random Mets game in April or May? Maybe, maybe, 300 people will take advantage of this promotion this month. I don’t know why, if I want to go to a Mets game two weeks into the season I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to get tickets for $6 on Stubhub the day before the game. Zero point in buying these now.

Now of course, there is a way the Mets can get those tickets out sold within just a few days, if not hours, and since I’m a nice guy I’ll tell the Mets how free of charge.


It’s unbelievably simple. The best hitter in the game is 26 and is still a free agent two weeks before Spring Training. You sign him now and within hours you won’t have any tickets for the month of April left.

Fans will race to buy these tickets. Brokers will race to get what they can so they can re-sell them. Merchandise will fly off the racks, the building will be full every night with fans spending money on concessions and the whole lot. Whatever money you spend on the commodity that is Bryce Harper, will come right back to the club and then some.

One simple act and the Mets can fix both their problems. It’s so simple, and yet they’re somehow still too stupid to realize it.

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