NBCSN will simulcast three hours of Sky Sports News “Deadline Day” coverage

Back in the day I remember Sky Sports News used to air on Fox Soccer Channel every day at 12:00pm and again at 6pm. On Sundays, I think they’d air it at 7pm, which was great because I used to love watching English broadcasters present NFL highlights. (I imagine I felt exactly the same way my English friends feel when they watch Americans do soccer highlights).

The pinnacle of this was on transfer deadline day when Fox Soccer Channel would simulcast Sky Sports News all day long. I already covered my affinity for Deadline Day coverage when I first had the blog all those years ago.

When the Premier League moved from Fox to NBC, the Sky Sports News simulcast went away. That was understandable, there’s always rights issues. Sky and Fox were always sister stations, the whole Rupert Murdoch connection and what not.

That all apparently changed last September when Comcast won the bid to take control of Sky in the UK. With both Sky and NBC in Comcast’s portfolio, there was plenty of potential for crossover. This Thursday is the first opportunity for the two to work together and that’s exactly what we’ll be getting as NBC announced that they’d be airing three hours of Sky Sports News this deadline day.

This is great news for fans in the United States who want to follow the only action. My only issue with it is it’s about three years too late.

By now, Sky Sports News Deadline Day has completely jumped the shark. The event has become so big that Sky doesn’t even know what it is anymore. They want it to be legitimate, they want real news. Fans have been banned from standing with reporters after the whole sex toy fiasco a few years ago.

The problem is it was the ridiculousness that made it what it was. Fans behind the reporters cheering. Reporters interviewing Harry Redknapp in his car to try to get the latest scoop. Jim White answering his phone on air to get another rumor. Fans saying they saw X player getting into a helicopter and Sky actually trying to chase down that lead.

These days the ridiculous-ness is too contrived. Every reporter and their mother is wearing Jim White’s yellow tie. Sky has so much on the line they try to make any little thing into a much bigger deal.

NBC is getting on the action at the worst possible time. This deadline day is shaping up to be yet another dud. Teams don’t want to spend money in January, or they got their business done earlier in the window. This year it seems like we’re just in store for three hours of “Will Callum Hudson-Odoi leave Chelsea?”


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