Manchester United are reportedly selling Marouane Fellaini to China

HAPPY DAYS! Seriously, since December 18th supporting this club has been a completely different experience. After spending four years doing the dumbest thing time and time again, they now can’t get anything wrong.

Fellaini has been the ire of United fans for the past five years. To many, he represents what the club became in the post Sir Alex Ferguson era, a mid-table Europa League club.

It’s no secret that I despise Fellaini but the truth is he hasn’t been that bad. He’s scored some big goals for the club and his (hand-ball) goal against Young Boys is the reason Ole is taking over a club that’s still in the Champions League.

Fellaini is simply not Manchester United quality. He drew the ire of fans because it simply never made sense that with all the quality in the squad, when United were chasing a goal the plan was always “hoof balls to Fellaini.” Why not let the quality players show their quality?

Fellaini is a good player for his level and that level is the Europa League. There’s a reason Jose Mourinho built his entire game-plan around Fellaini in the Europa League final. But that exact reason is why fans hate him, if you’re aspiring to be more than the Europa League, you can’t have Fellaini in your team.

This was also the perfect example of Jose Mourinho haunting the team even after he left. Fellaini’s contract ran out last summer and fans thought that would be the end of him. The only problem was that Jose Mourinho is one of three managers in the world (David Moyes and Louis van Gaal being the other two) that really rates him.

That was enough to earn him a new contract. United’s club policy has always been to offer players over the age of 30 one year contracts. That wasn’t enough for Fellaini and eventually Mourinho strong armed the board into giving him two years.

It should come as no surprise as to how that would cause problems.

Not only are United now stuck with Fellaini after Mourinho is gone, but the two year contract is obviously causing problems within the squad. Juan Mata’s contract expires at the end of the year and the hangup with him has been his insistence that he too deserves a two year contract. Now he has a precedent to back him.

Selling Fellaini has always been much easier said then done. Thanks to Mourinho, Fellaini’s wages are massive. According to Spotrac, Fellaini is set to make £7.8 million this season. That’s tied for the 17th highest salary in the Premier League with: Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Vincent Kompany, Fernandinho, and Raheem Sterling. That’s bananaland!

On wages like that, you can’t just sell Fellaini to anyone. He’s not going to accept a move if it means a paycut and no one in their right mind is paying him that money.

To make matters worse, Fellaini, just like Marcos Rojo, always seem to get injured when the transfer window is open and their name is on the block. (I’d love to know the name of their doctor because I too would like some paid time off work). 

That’s what makes China so brilliant. They’re the only ones out there that would pay stupid money for someone like Fellaini and to sweeten the deal, their transfer window doesn’t close until the end of February! Fellaini’s was originally announced to be out for three weeks, which would leave this unnamed Chinese club plenty of time to get the deal done.

Be gone Maurone. Enjoy China!

UPDATE: He’s gone!

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