Does this thing still work? The blog is BACK!

Wow,  it’s been a while.

A few weeks ago I received an email letting me know I was being charged the annual $18 I pay for this domain name, which reminded me, I’m paying $18/yr for something I’m not using. I should change that!

Seriously, the last post I had followed the Rangers Game 7 Easter Conference Finals loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2015. 2015! Nearly four years ago. That means I’ve since paid a whopping $54 for nothing. Was probably just better off lighting that money on fire.

A lot has happened since that last post. The Mets still suck but between that last post and now they somehow managed to make the playoffs twice and made a run to the World Series.

Manchester United hired (to my dismay) and fired Jose Mourinho (to my delight). I’m a little upset I didn’t utilize the blog during the Mourinho years but I think we can all agree that that’s for the best (see my twitter).

As for the blog, I didn’t intend for it to completely disappear. I picked up a couple of paid gigs for some websites and the blog kind of fell off. But it’s time to start owning my content again. I’ve got #takes and I need a place to put them whenever I want.

I’m hoping to continue it in the same style, hopefully more often. I still know I’m not funny yet I’m still going to make jokes. It’s my blog! The only thing that will be different is I’m probably more likely to be blogging in jeans than in sweatpants gym shorts.

As far as the podcast goes. I’d love to get that going again, I’m just trying to figure out a format. I hate solo podcasts. They’re awkward to do and they’re boring to listen to. I don’t want it to be about one specific thing either, which makes finding a co-host much more difficult.

In the perfect world, I’d have a few rotating co-hosts where we can cover different things with different people. That’s much easier than it sounds, but if you or someone you know are interested, shoot me an email at

That’s all for now. I’m back!

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