The We Can Totally Win Without Michael Carrick Live Blog

Earlier this week I read that Michael Carrick would be fit to play in this game, then Friday Louis van Gaal said he’s going to miss the rest of the year. But that’s cool because it’s not like we haven’t scored a goal since Carrick last walked off the pitch right?

And now we take on a Crystal Palace team that features Wilfried Zaha the last player bought by Sir Alex Ferguson who already has been sold back to Crystal Palace? Can’t see how he doesn’t have some sort of point to prove.

At the end of the day, I’m happy that I’m alive and awake this morning, so time to torture myself by enduring this match. Let’s get it.


As always follow me on twitter @pkwestelWFAN where I’ll be live tweeting the match. Let’s get us a Champions League spot

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