Manchester United sign Dutch Winger Memphis Depay

I’m not going to lie, I’ve known Memphis Depay’s name mainly because in every scout search you do in career mode in FIFA 15 his name always comes up. I’ve had great success predicting who will become good 2-3 years down the line because of FIFA career mode, so Depay has been on my radar.

But I would lying to you if I told you I didn’t have to google him and do research on him when I heard the news. Obviously I knew some of the basic things, he’s Dutch, which means Louis van Gaal loves him, and he plays for PSV Eindhoven, which means I’ve never seen him play a game.

He made the Dutch World Cup squad at the age of 20, and came on as a sub vs. Chile, set up Robin van Persie’s equalizer and scored the winner himself. I watched that game but there’s no way I was remembering who this Memphis Depay is.

So here’s the scouting report on Memphis (yea, he goes by his first name, ridiculous I know). He’s right footed winger who usually plays as an inverted winger on the left wing. That’s great and all but that just makes him another Ashley Young who isn’t as good defensively as Young. He can always play on the right side, though I’m hoping Louis van Gaal finally relents and lets Juan Mata keep playing there.

Everyone is going to now go nuts and say “well what does this mean for player x?!?!” That’s hilarious because we knew United would be bringing in players and players would be leaving. All we talk about right now if United need new CB’s, well when they bring in Mats Hummels people will then say “what does this mean for Jonny Evans.” Umm, it means Jonny Evans sucks, which we knew, and if Ashley Young didn’t suck we wouldn’t be in such a rush to sign Depay.

Depay is young and he comes from the Dutch league, which is a good sign as most players not named Jozy Altidore who come from the Dutch league make the transition to the Premier League pretty easily. He may not be as great as Young defensively but he’s only 21 years old and the way he’s been playing he’ll be making the jump to a premier player very shortly. Bottom line is if Young was any good United wouldn’t be looking to replace him.

Depay is just the first chip to fall in a summer that is going to feature a lot of movement in and out of the Manchester United team.

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