The New York Jets Better Not Draft A Quarterback Tonight

CBS LocalMystery surrounds Mike Maccagnan’s first draft as general manager of the New York Jets.

With the No. 6 overall selection, a potential impact player will be available. The question is whether the Jets will stay put at that spot. And, if they do, who’s the pick? A quarterback? A pass rusher? A wide receiver? Maybe even an offensive lineman?

So far the Mikey Mac era in New York is off to a great start. He’s addressed some of the Jets major concern by bringing back some key guys and acquiring some others via trade. Now obviously the Jets still have one major need, a QB.

But please for the life of me do not take a QB tonight in the first round of the draft. The last thing I’m trying to do is defend Geno Smith, he sucks and he’s not the answer, but neither are any of the QB’s that are being projected to be first round picks.

The Jets went out and got Ryan Fitzpatrick in the offseason. Is Fitzpatrick a game changer or someone that moves the needle? Absolutely not, but to me he’s someone that can come in and steer the ship for a year before the Jets prepare to go after a QB next year.

To me, the Fitzpatrick signing was the Jets saying we don’t think our next franchise QB can be found in this draft. That’s fine. You bring in Fitz and focus on building the rest of the team this year. Then when next year comes around you pick from next years available pool of QB’s.

So please Mikey, don’t feel pressured by the idiot fans out there who are screaming for Marcus Mariota or any of the other QB’s. Just stay the course and don’t go near any of these first round QB’s.

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