It’s Mind Boggling How Much Coverage The NFL Draft Gets

The NFL Draft begins tonight, but you knew that already because no one, especially ESPN, wants to let us forget about that. For ESPN and the NFL it’s understandable, they both show the event on TV and they want to make sure that you watch. But that’s also what is ridiculous about this. So many people watch the draft that it’s shown on two different networks and has turned the first round into a prime time event. What the hell is going on in this world.

I understand checking in on the draft during commercial breaks of whatever show or game you’re watching, especially if your team is on the clock. But there are people out there who sit glued to their TV for the duration of the draft. To the people that do that, you need to get a hobby or a life or something. There is no bigger waste of time then sitting in front of the TV watching every second of the draft.

I will never ever understand why people get so excited for the NFL Draft. Here’s what happens, every 7-10 minutes Roger Goodell walks to the podium and announces who the pick is. From that moment until the next pick all you’re watching is commercials or a bunch of ESPN or NFL Network analysts talking about how great this pick was and how great the player was in college.

But here’s the thing, these analysts know nothing. The NFL Draft is taking the best checkers players and picking them to play on your chess team. College Football is an entirely different game then the NFL. Sure it’s easy to look good when you get to play against players that smaller, weaker, and slower then you. Most of the players you play against aren’t going to sniff the NFL.

That’s only accounting for the physical aspect of the game, we haven’t even started on the mental aspect. In college everything is taken care of for you, you live with your teammates 24/7. You don’t have to deal with the media. In the NFL, you may be able to hang out and live with the other rookies, but the reality is at the end of the day most players go home to their families and you are on your own. There is no way to measure how a rookie will adapt to that and sometimes that can derail even some of the most talented players.

And yet people sit in front of their TV sucking in every word that Jon Gruden and Mel Kiper Jr. have to say. It’s absolutely ridiculous since they don’t know any more then you or me.

Do you really need to sit in front of the TV and listen to them or would it have the same effect if when the whole thing was over you looked up the list of players your team drafted anyway. Unless you’re a die hard college football fan, you probably haven’t even heard of most of these players. A lot of the guys that do get drafted aren’t going to make it anyway, and that franchise savior you drafted in the first round? He probably isn’t your franchise savior.

Giants fans, if you draft an offensive lineman in the first half, that doesn’t mean you’ve solved your offensive line problems.If you don’t draft one in the first round but take one in the 4th round, you probably have just as big of a chance of solving your offensive line problems. It’s ridiculous how much fans overrate this process. This is really the best way to put it.

That’s exactly right. You pick a name today but as much as you want to talk about it, you really have no idea if that player will help you until the games actually start. More often then not that player will likely fall short of expectations too.

At the end of the day, I’m a big Jets fan. I’ll vaguely pay attention to the draft tonight. I’ll be interested in who the Jets draft, and on Saturday I’ll look up a complete list of who they took. I’ll stare at that list, realize I know who none of the players are and that will be that. When the preseason comes around in August, I’ll have remembered who their first round pick is, maybe their second round pick too, but that’s it.

I’m sure that’s how most fans are. You remember your first round pick, but by the time the actual season starts the only reason you’ll know the names of your 4-7th round pick is if they’re on the field.

Yet there are people out there who will be glued to their TV’s for the next three days even though they’ll forget those players name. It really fascinates me. Please go get a life.

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