Is The New York Daily News Serious With Calling the Mets A Train Wreck?

Is John Harper serious with this crap? Hello the Mets are 14-5, that’s the best record in baseball. Sure it sucks to lose two out of three to your crosstown rivals that you’re supposed to better than. It sucks that we couldn’t slam the door shut with deGrom and Harvey to open the series, but frankly this was always a possibility. Jacob deGrom tends to give up a lot of fly balls and when you give up fly balls guess what happens, they fly the hell out of Yankee Stadium.

The bottom line is the Mets still have the best record in baseball and they’re doing it without their third best starter (Wheeler), their closer (Meijia), their perceived best hitter (Wright), and their actual best hitter (d’Arnaud). Whenever someone gets injured there’s always someone else ready to step up and fill the void, whether it be Eric Campbell or Kevin Plawecki, whoever it is there’s always someone ready to contribute.

But I mean really? The Mets won 13 of their first 16 games and then after losing two out of three their all of a sudden a train wreck? Geez, I’d hate to see what that makes the rest of Major League Baseball.

The only train wreck about the Mets right now is that they still run Daniel Murphy out there at second base every day despite the fact that he isn’t hitting, can’t even come close to playing the field, and can’t run the bases.



I know there are still people at there who defend Murphy and it’s truly baffling. Sure he hits around .300 but he’s a glorified singles hitter who hits some doubles. Guy has no power and absolutely no intelligence on the bases, and even less of a brain in the field. He’s still making base running mistakes that would be inexcusable for a high schooler to make despite playing professional baseball for EIGHT YEARS now. For some reason there are Mets fans out there with there that have this loyalty towards Murphy.

I get it he was the best hitter on the team from 2009-2013, but when the entire team is garbage it’s easy to stand out and look good. Now that the rest of the team is hitting and the team is ready to compete, he’s being exposed for the terrible baseball player that he is. Keeping him in the lineup day after day is inexcusable, especially when you have a highly touted prospect in Dilson Herrera who is hitting the crap out of the ball down in AAA. If you really want to compete this year it’s time to move on from Murphy and give the kid a shot.



In case you need it, here’s the TL:DR version

Mets = Not a train wreck

Daniel Murphy = train wreck

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