Wheeler, Mejia, Wright, Blevins, d’Arnaud: Next Man Up For the Mets

I’m not going to lie, losing Travis d’Arnaud to a broken hand sucks, it really does. But it doesn’t suck because the Mets are now screwed without him because they’re not. It sucks because for years we were hearing about what an amazing player Travis d’Arnaud was supposed to be, and this season right before our eyes he was morphing into a tremendous baseball player. It sucks because d’Arnaud was becoming one of the most fun players to watch on this years Mets team. He’s been great defensively and he’s been hitting the crap out of the ball. He’s starting to remind people, especially after being move to the number two hole, of 2006 Paul lo Duca, which is a very good thing.

So yes, d’Arnaud getting hurt sucks but not because it’s going to derail the team. It won’t derail this team because this team won’t let it derail them.

As I wrote when Zack Wheeler went down while it would be nice to have Harvey, DeGrom, and Wheeler mowing down hitters, losing Wheeler isn’t actually the end of the world because the Mets have the depth to overcome that injury. Wheeler goes down and someone else will fill his spot.

That’s exactly how this Mets team is playing this year. Obviously injuries suck but you’d be an absolute idiot to expect a team to make it through an entire season without an injury. So let’s be thankful that d’Arnaud’s injury came early in the season and he’s likely to only be out six weeks.

d’Arnaud isn’t the first Met to get hurt this year. Obviously Wheeler went down and that led to Bartolo Colon stepping in on Opening Day and getting off to a dominant 3-0 start to the season. Last week David Wright went down with a hamstring problem and everyone was quick to overreact and say this was bad news for the Mets. Meanwhile Eric Campbell has stepped in for Wright and has batted .550 with a homer and six RBI’s in the six games he’s played; and in case you haven’t noticed, the Mets haven’t lost a game without Wright yet.

That’s the mentality of this years Mets team. When someone gets hurt the next player simply steps in and carries the mantle. In the case of d’Arnaud, we only have one of the organizations best prospects in Kevin Plawecki ready to step in and pick up right where Travis left off.


That’s been the key to the Mets season so far. They’ve started the season 10-3 and the best part about that is it’s not even surprising. They’re not doing it with any one particular player having a monster year, rather their doing it with solid pitching, timely hitting throughout the lineup, and a solid bullpen.

Sure they aren’t making it easy for themselves in any game but who cares. The bullpen is going to give up runs, no bullpen ever finishes with an ERA of 0.00, so let the bullpen come in with a six run lead and give up five runs. What do I care as long as the end result is a W. I’d rather the bullpen give up five runs with a six run lead then only give up three when they had just a two run lead. I understand we’d like them to just once make it easy, but were Mets fans, it’s not supposed to be easy.

The bottom line is this team has some injuries to deal with to some players that have been playing tremendously so far this season. Does it suck? Yes it does, but it’s not the end of the world either. Jerry Blevins goes down in the bullpen, it’s time for someone else to step up. d’Arnaud gets injured, Plawecki is ready to step in and shine. This team plays with the next man up attitude and because of that, they’ll be OK.

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