Jurgen Klopp Is Leaving Borussia Dortmund

Jurgen Klopp

Well suddenly supporting Dortmund in the Champions League and hopefully Europa League next season just became a whole lot less fun. Just like that Dortmund’s season from hell just got a whole lot worse.

What makes this even worse is after the job he’s done at BVB Jurgen Klopp has become one of the hottest coaching commodities in Europe, with England long being rumored to be his next destination. At the start of the season it was rumored that he would be the replacement to Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, though it seems that Wenger has put any doubts to his job security to rest with his performance this season.

While Klopp to Arsenal now seeming to be impossible that’s a nice sigh of relief… until you realize that there’s a certain team wearing blue that could very well need a new manager next year…

Phew! That could have been close. But with apologies to Amy Lewis, one more City loss plus the fact that Klopp is now openly on the market and Manuel Pellgirini could be out sooner rather then later.

The question for Dortmund now is what domino’s fall next? The club has already seen stars Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski join rivals Bayern Munich and it is well known Klopp has been the glue holding the squad together. Rumors have already been swirling all year about Mats Hummels, and Ikay Gundogan possibly leaving the club and with Klopp gone those rumors are only going to get louder.

Then of course there’s star Marco Rees. Rees’ contract was set to run out following next season and with a £20 million release clause that had Chelsea, Manchester United, and Real Madrid’s mouths watering. Reus signed a contract extension back in February that would keep him in Dortmund until 2019. Reus sighted following his heart and not wanting to leave Dortmund but that still wasn’t enough to sell many people from believing the extension was mainly just a nice gesture to the club to get rid of his ridiculously cheap buyout clause.

Klopp rescued Dortmund from some dark days that they went through in the mid 2000’s. With BVB missing the Champions League next season, the club will have to be very careful to make sure they don’t fall back into the abyss going forward.

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