Once Again New York Mets Win Opening Day World Series


A great win for the Mets yesterday on Opening Day as the Mets continue to have the best Opening Day record in baseball. Remember how everyone was outraged that the Mets were starting Bartolo Colon for the opener (who me? No way), well that was quickly put to bed yesterday as the Mets went out there and got a statement win over the Nationals.

I know it’s only one game and it’s usually the next 161 that give the Mets the problem but this one just shows you why it’s ok to get excited for this Mets team. The Mets won 4 of 19 games against the Nationals last year. Just four. They’re already off to a better start with that this year.

And just look at yesterday. The Nats threw their expensive new free agent ace Max Scherzer out there against us and we threw our 5th 6th best starter at them. They threw their best, we threw out worst out there and we came out on top. Now they have to go up against Jacob deGrom and Matt Harvey the next two days? LOL good luck Washington!

Colon was no slouch yesterday either, 6 IP 3H 1R 8K’s, that’s essentially a shutout for ‘Tolo since everyone and their mother knew that at some point Harper was going to hit a bomb off of him. Was just a matter of getting it over with on that one.

I know it’s hard to say this because the Mets pitching staff completely shut down a solid Nationals lineup but it was the Mets bats that won them this game. At this point I expect Mets pitching staff and bullpen to not give up any runs, it’s on the hitters to make sure they score enough to win. Max Scherzer was completely dominating this lineup, holding them without a hit into the 5th inning. Then when they finally get runners into scoring position (thanks to a ridiculous error), Lucas Duda comes up and gets the big hit that the Mets have pretty much never gotten over the past few years. During the early years of CitiField it was almost routine for the Mets to get 13 hits and score 1 run in a game while leaving a million runners on base, so it was very refreshing to finally see them get the big hit when they needed it. One hit, two runs; and that was all they would need but even went out and got the insurance run the following inning with d’Arnaud’s triple. Getting the big hits when they need them, so un-Mets like but exactly what we’re going to see many times this season.


It’s almost unfair for the rest of baseball when Bartolo wins his games. He’s the Mets pitcher that’s supposed to lose. If he wins his games when will they lose? When Harvey, deGrom, Niese, or Gee is on the mound? Ha! Pretty safe to say we can already put the champaign on ice for the Mets this season!

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