The We Can Move Eight Points Clear Of Liverpool Live Blog


United vs. Villa at Old Trafford in a 10 AM game, also known as a game so not important it couldn’t even get moved for TV purposes. Back in the Sir Alex Ferguson era this type of game would be known  as “a walk in the park.” Unfortunately those don’t exist anymore but with Louis van Gaal seemingly figuring out his best XI right now, this might be as close as we get.

Can’t complain about the team today as it’s essentially the same one that dismantled Tottenham and beat Liverpool. With Liverpool getting castrated by Arsenal today, United have a chance to move eight points clear with seven games remaining essentially locking up a top four finish.

Add in the chance that with a City loss United can overtake them, and the fact that historically we usually play anywhere between really really good to unbelievable at home vs Aston Villa and we should be in for a nice little day today.


Follow me on twitter @pkwestelWFAN for my thoughts though no idea what the live tweeting situation will be like today TBH

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