Let’s Fire Up Those Gareth Bale Transfer Rumors!


ESPNFC – Gareth Bale is growing increasingly unpopular among Real Madrid fans, with a poll by AS showing 68.3 percent of fans want to see him dropped.

Bale has come in for increasing criticism in recent weeks, and after 46.1 percent called for him to be benched after the 1-0 defeat at Athletic Bilbaoearlier this month that number has now risen by almost half.

The poll asking “Would you keep Bale in Madrid’s starting line-up?”, which was carried about by AS.com and received 8,352 votes, was held after Real Madrid lost 2-1 at Barcelona in the Clasico at the Camp Nou.

Here we go! Unrest at the Bernabeu so let’s fire up those pesky Gareth Bale to Manchester United rumors that just won’t go away!

The season started with Cristiano Ronaldo is unhappy at Real Madrid and will be returning to Manchester United next summer rumors. But those died down around October/November and since then it’s been non-stop United are planning a massive summer swoop for Bale.

Well enough with the talk let’s make it happen! Ever since Bale emerged on the scene around 2009/10, he’s been labeled as the next Ryan Giggs, and not only is it true, but he was seen by many United fans as the heir apparent to Giggs’ position on the left flank of Old Trafford. Bale and Giggs are both Welsh, and while I’m no expert on Welsh football, being labeled the next Ryan Giggs is the equivalent of an American being labeled the next Michael Jordan. You’re pretty damn good if it happens to you.

It always just seemed like eventually United would shell out the cash to bring Bale to Old Trafford and replace Giggs. But then somewhere along the lines Bale became even better then we though and Real Madrid stepped in. While United did bid for him, Bale spurned United to sign with Los Blancos.

But now it seems like that marriage may be coming to a rocky end and it’s time for United to make this right and bring Bale to where he was destined to end up. It’s well known Real Madrid want either a king’s ransom or David de Gea in exchange for parting with Bale. Screw that, United should come in and play hardball. If Bale isn’t working out at the Bernabeu then Real not only have to sell him, but his value would take a hit and he’d cost less money. United can offer them Angel di Maria if they’d like but de Gea stays in Manchester.

When this story first came out earlier this week some of my Tottenham fan friends got these crazy ideas that Bale would be making a glorious homecoming to White Hart Lane to team up with Harry Kane and wreak havoc on the Premier League.

I’d actually be totally fine with this under one condition. If Gareth Bale returns to Tottenham, he’s gotta get those ears un-tucked and go back to his classic Tottenham look.

Cmon Gareth, you didn’t think we noticed? You don’t go from looking like this…

Bale Ears

To this…



Tottenham and Real Madrid do have a working partnership between the two clubs, though right now it seems that the partnership agreement is that Spurs just send all their best players to Real Madrid in their prime and get nothing in return. Aside from that, let’s not forget that in no way do Spurs have the money to sign Gareth Bale and any potential deal for Bale would 100% require them to Harry Kane the other way but hey Spurs fans, those dreams were fun while they lasted right?


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