The New York Mets Are Likely To Make Bartolo Colon Their Opening Day Starter and It Makes No Sense


Just Mets – Publicly, the Mets have kept their options open when it has come to deciding who gets the nod on Opening Day in Washington.

However, for the first time this spring, Terry Collins might have offered some clarity on who will be the choice.

On Friday, Terry Collins said Bartolo Colon will next start in a minor league game, and will therefore not start against the Nationals in his next scheduled start next Thursday.

In addition, according to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Colon is expected to make one more Grapefruit League start, but not against the Nationals on March 31, which would technically be his turn in the rotation.

There were rumors about this happening early in Spring Training, but back then it was so that the Mets could line ace Matt Harvey up to pitch their home opener. That plan has since been scrapped and there were rumors floating around that Zack Wheeler would get the opening day nod.

Now with Wheeler out for the season the Mets look like their going back to Plan Bartolo and all I could say is why? Just why?

I know in the grand scheme of things it’s just one game and who cares who’s out there on the first day of the season but deep down everyone knows Opening Day is a bit more important. It’s supposed to be your ace on the mound for you. So Matt Harvey is the Mets ace and won’t be out there, but that doesn’t mean Colon is the next best option.

Bartolo Colon is in the Mets rotation for the sole reason of eating innings. He’s not one of the best five pitchers on the roster. Hell, he’s probably not one of the best seven pitchers on the roster. He’s there to eat innings and help save the bullpen/young pitchers arms.

But that doesn’t mean you have to get started with that on opening day. There’s nothing wrong with Colon going out on the 5th day to eat his innings. So why can’t the Mets give the start to someone else? Literally anyone else. Why not Jacob deGrom, who is more then capable of being the ace if Harvey wasn’t around? You can give it Jon Niese, who got the nod a few years back or even Dillon Gee who is back in the rotation now, got the Opening Day start last year, and I think is better then Colon to begin with.

The Mets literally had so many easy options to not screw this up, and they still somehow managed to screw it up.

Sigh, another year of the Mets being the Mets.


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