Cristiano Ronaldo’s 42 Goals From the 2008 Double Winning Season Is My New Go-To Happy Place Video

Ronaldo Rooney

Oh the good times




Being a Manchester United fan used to be fun. Every weekend you’d turn them on and were likely to see the squad attack feverishly and win games in very entertaining style. Sure every so often Sir Alex Ferguson would make a baffling decision with either the starting XI or a substitution and they’d drop points that they shouldn’t have but for the most times the game would end with United on top.

Then Sir Alex Ferguson retired and in came David Moyes. Using the same squad that had run away with the league, mainly by winning high scoring games with little defense, it seemed like Moyes managed to make them all forget how to play football. That team that scored so many goals the year before was now playing incredibly boring football.

Next came Louis van Gaal, who promised a return to the attacking style that United were famous for. Even though he has the team back in the hunt that hasn’t stopped them from playing boring football most of the time.

So has become the pattern and when the weekend routine often becomes being frustrated at what you watch, you need to turn up the nostalgia machine and watch videos of the glory seasons of the past to make you feel better. In this case, it’s the special season of 2007/08, where everything seemed to go right for United, much of which can be attributed to Cristiano Ronaldo having his breakout season and becoming one of the best players in the world. So many of these goals were absolutely gorgeous, and we have now found my new video to lift my spirits after every frustrating United performance.



*I’m going to have to watch this video like 15 times straight when United fall out of the Top 4 and we finish 5th.

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