The New York Jets Are In Talks To Sign Antonio Cromartie: What the Hell is Going On?

Cro Revis

UPDATE: The Jets have officially signed Antonio Cromartie

What year is it 2010 or 2015? What the hell is going on here? Are we putting the band back together?

As I previously wrote, with Darrelle Revis coming back to the Jets it’s just proof that John Idzik was out there to sabotage Rex Ryan. Well this is now double proof. I mean you’re literally taking the team the Jets had before Idzik came in, and saying that team was so good we need to put it back together.

It took new GM Mike Maccanagan approximately five seconds to look at this team and say “hey this team has no corner backs and they used to have really good ones so we should just bring them back.” I mean, literally all John Idzik had to do last year was sign a few corners, a few of them who were obviously willing to come play for the Jets. But apparently sabotaging Rex Ryan was far more important to him. It seems like this team is finally in good hands, except for one thing. If it was this painfully obvious to everyone other then John Idzik that the Jets needed corners, it’s still a little scary that Woody Johnson trusted him to run this team, and that Woody Johnson is obviously still around. But in the mean time, WE’RE PUTTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!!


*The absolute scariest part of this whole thing is that all John Idzik had to do last year was sign a couple of corners and he’d still have a job. Dodged a huge bullet on that one. I think we can all agree now that that disaster of a season is behind us it was worth it just to get rid of Idzik.

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