Manchester United Asked Fans Who They’d Like to See Start For Them and The Responses are of Course Going Exactly How You’d Expect Them To Be


I’ve only been doing this blogging thing for a little more then a week, but I knew a day like today would come and I couldn’t wait. Luckily it didn’t take long. Just one of those days where you wake up not sure what the world is going to throw at you and then boom, some team decides to do one of those social media outreach things that always without fail ends in a disaster. This time, it’s Manchester United, coming fresh off of a loss to Arsenal, asking their already disgruntled fans who they would like to start in Sunday’s match. Let’s see how that went..


Off to a great start here.



I’m sensing a theme here.



This seems like a really grand concept, but I like where your heads at!


Have to agree with you, this probably is the most important thing you could do.


Two years running it seems the only positive thing about this team is the goalie who we still haven’t signed to a long-term extension…


These are the fans that suck. The ones who think Louis van Gaal is actually asking them for their ideas. They actually believe that van Gaal wants to hear from them and will take their ideas into account. These fans also lost all their credibility since a lot of them recommended including Valencia, Young, Evans, and sometimes even di Maria which suggests these fans either don’t have eyes, or a brain (the brain part is certainly in question seeing as both Evans and di Maria are suspended for Sunday’s match).


This was my first time doing a blog like this and I have quickly learned you need to act FAST. Within the first few minutes there were some absolute GEMS in the mix that people must have since deleted for reasons I can’t even explain because when I refreshed the page most of them were gone. A lot of great Fellaini jokes including “just lock Fellaini in a broom closet” as well as some other great responses before people started taking it seriously.

My absolute favorite tweet that got deleted absurdly quickly was the guy who suggested starting “van der Saar, Hargreaves, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra, Scholes, Keane, Giggs, Ronaldo, Berbatov, Tevez.” I mean WHAT? I love your sarcasm here throwing it back to the great teams of the late ’00’s plus Roy Keane, as well as finding a place for the really under-appreciated and oft injured Owen Hargreaves; but Berbatov instead of Rooney? Are you crazy? Do you not remember how crazy good those teams with Rooney, Tevez, and Ronaldo were and how bad they became when Berbatov’s lazy ass played and slowed everything down? So much promise from your tweet and then you went ahead and ruined it.

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