Woody Johnson is Apparently All About Bringing Darrelle Revis Back to the New York Jets

Carolina Panthers v New York Jets

CBS New York – Woody Johnson is apparently still lobbying for Darrelle Revis within the walls at Florham Park.

The New York Jets owner “has been involved in serious internal discussions” with rookie general manager Mike Maccagnan to potentially bring back the All-Pro cornerback in free agency, according to the New York Daily News.

This is the beauty of New York sports. Just when you think you find the team with the most incompetent owner, someone else does something to make you question your decision. It used to be a four way battle between the Knicks, Jets, Mets, and Islanders, although in the past year the Islanders have somehow beyond belief managed to get themselves out of that conversation.

Now just a few days ago it seemed like the Mets had moved back into pole position for worst organization when there were reports that despite their plethora of young aces they were somehow thinking of handing Bartolo Colon their opening day start.

Well now apparently Woody Johnson is lobbying the Jets to re-sign Darrell Revis. Wait, what? When the Jets didn’t re-sign him last year wasn’t everyone reporting that it was because Woody didn’t want to deal with Revis’ representatives and the fact that Revis seemed to hold out every other year?

If that wasn’t the case then this becomes the biggest indictment on the John Idzik era. If Woody didn’t want Revis that’s one thing, but if Woody was ok with bringing Revis back then what the hell was Idzik doing especially since the Jets DESPERATELY NEEDED corners! I mean if that’s the case thank god Idzik got fired but how the hell do you trust him to run your franchise in the first place?

If Woody Johnson actually wanted Revis back and Idzik didn’t that should have been a red flag right there that Idzik isn’t capable enough to run your franchise. If what everyone thought was true that Idzik was simply stripping the team of talent to sabotage Rex Ryan then he also shouldn’t have been trusted with running the franchise. I mean if you really think Rex is a bad coach then shouldn’t you give him talent to prove that he couldn’t win with it instead of getting rid of his talent and letting him pull 8-8 seasons out of his ass.

As for Revis returning, I don’t even know how I feel about it. He could have been one of, if not the greatest Jet in franchise history. Even if he returns for the rest of his career, his two year sabbatical will leave a big mark on his legacy; not to mention that going and winning a Super Bowl with New England of all teams makes that mark even worse.

As for the Jets chances of actually re-signing him. I can’t imagine that the Jets are anywhere higher then third on the list of teams in the AFC East with a chance of signing him. New England is reportedly very interested in bringing Revis back, and if the money is there I don’t see him leaving. If he doesn’t go to New England I would think a reunion with Rex Ryan in Buffalo is higher on the list then going back to the Jets. Revis and Ryan have a connection, and the only connection Revis now has to the Jets is they’re the team that basically ran him out of town.

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