Are the Mets Seriously Thinking of Making Bartolo Colon Their Opening Day Starter?


ESPN – PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Nothing is set in stone, but the Mets are strongly considering Bartolo Colon for the Opening Day start against theWashington Nationals in D.C., multiple sources told

The sources added that the Mets have narrowed the choices to Colon and one other pitcher, and that it’s too early to decide which will get the assignment.

God damn it Mets! How do you go and screw this up too. Just when you finally have your fans getting excited for you and your young and promising rotation you go and do this.

How the hell do the Mets even consider Bartolo Colon? Look at the choices that you have at your disposal for this job…

MLB: San Francisco Giants at New York Mets84th MLB All-Star Game


That’s a murderers row of choices plus one guy who has already been the Opening Day starter for the Mets. And somehow despite having all these great choices the Mets are reportedly going to select this guy… Colon

It’s getting ridiculous at this point that the Mets actually can’t get out of their own way. This shouldn’t even be a question who starts Opening Day. You have the ace of your staff Matt Harvey, making his return. Harvey could have pitched last September, and would have been 100% by October or November, so the idea that he’s going to need to be held out an extra week is bull crap. The guy will be pitching in spring training games so he’ll be ready to pitch.

The reason the Mets aren’t starting Harvey on Opening Day is so that he can pitch in the Mets home opener, which is also just the most Mets move of all time. Come on guys, I thought we were past this! We’re supposed to be turning a corner with the Mets this season. We’re supposed to be moving into a time where it’s about winning baseball games, and not PR disaster and being the laughingstock of baseball. Just win games and the fans will be flocking to CitiField.

From a business point of view this makes no sense also. If the idea is to start Harvey in the home opener so you can sell the game out then the Mets are even more clueless. Even when the Mets suck they sell out the home opener so you don’t need to add Harvey into that mix to get good gate. Fans have been waiting for over a year to see Harvey in action, they’ll be flocking to CitiField whenever his first home game is. So what happens if you start Harvey Opening Day and then he’s on track to pitch in Game 2 or 3 at CitiField? Well then instead of only selling out your home opener you just sold out two of your first three home games. I feel like that’s the better business move.

As for Colon, that’s ridiculous. If your not going to go with Harvey why not give the start to the kid who came out of nowhere last season to almost make Mets fans forget that Harvey was gone on his way to winning rookie of the year? Jacob deGrom should be the opening day starter and no one else should even be getting consideration.



PS: All I’m trying to do is get excited for this season of Mets baseball and it seems like all the Mets are trying to do is suck that excitement out of me.



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