David de Gea Denies “Reports” That He’s Fallen Out Of Favor With Louis van Gaal

Man Utd v Everton



I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!


ESPNFC – Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has dismissed speculation he has fallen out with manager Louis van Gaal.

One report in Spain this week claimed De Gea had not spoken to the United boss in “a few months.”

But De Gea rejected that notion out of hand during an interview with MUTV on Friday.

“Everything that has been written in the press about us not getting on is a lie,” De Gea said.

“We both want the best for the club and the team, and the stories are complete lies.”

Get a load of this bullcrap. What the hell is even going on here? I’ll tell you what’s going on, we’ve got a good old fashioned smear campaign going on here people!

In case your new to how European soccer transfer stories work, let me explain this to you quickly. Europe’s laws regarding libel are a little bit different to those in America, as in, as long as you attach the word “rumor” to the story you can print whatever the hell you want whether it’s true or not.

So what’s happening here? Real Madrid, one of the two biggest clubs in Spain, have all of a sudden become interested in acquiring Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea, partially because he’s Spanish but mainly because over the past two months he’s established himself as the best goalkeeper in the world.

So what does a team do when they’re interested in forcing a team to sell their prize goalkeeper? You start planting stories in the media talking about how much money you’ll pay the player, or about how unhappy the player is. You keep doing this until the player realizes he’s unhappy and speaks out about, his agent sees a big payday and convinces the player he’s unhappy, or the team shuts the opposing team up by giving him a massive contract.

Real Madrid have been doing this for months now and let me tell you something. It’s all BS. There is no way that David de Gea is unhappy with Louis van Gaal. He has absolutely no reason to be.

Here’s a quick history of de Gea to prove this. He arrived in 2011 as the 21 year old replacement to Edwin van der Saar. He was immediately named the number 1 keeper, but before he could even find his way to Old Trafford he was benched. At the start of the next season Sir Alex Ferguson even declared that United had two “co-number 1’s.” The following year, coming off of a Premier League title winning season, de Gea was United’s loan bright spot during the David Moyes year, and even Moyes gave Anders Lindegaard a look every once in a smile.

But since Louis van Gaal has taken over David de Gea has started every single match. Every. Single. One. Even the 4-0 drubbing they got in the League Cup David de Gea was in goal that day. He’s single handily the reason the Premier League table looks like this,

EPL Table

and not with United sitting closer to 10th place and everyone knows it. So unless de Gea isn’t a competitive person and hates competing week in week out at the top level of the sport then there is no reason for him to be having a rift with van Gaal.

The only thing that I can’t explain yet is why United have yet to give him a contract extension. There have been rumors floating around that they are ready to agree on a five year extension but for now that’s all they are, rumors.

I don’t get it, just give de Gea all the money, all of it. How many games do we have to watch de Gea make save after save just for United to squeak by with another one goal win before we realize if we had even an above average goalie we would be losing the game.

Yes United need a central midfielder and a central defender or two but as of right now their number one need is to sign de Gea to a long term extension.

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