Maryland Knocks Off 5th Ranked Wisconsin: So Lets All Make A Big Deal About Students Storming The Court

Jake Layman Dunks against Wisconsin

Quick everyone get your court storming hot takes in while their relevant!

The #14 Maryland Terrapins defeated the #5 Wisconsin Badgers Tuesday night leading to the Maryland student section embarrassing celebrating the win by storming the court. This of course caused twitter to go nuts, calling it embarrassing for the program and feeling the need to remind Terps fans that they are a Top 15 team in the country.

Storming the court is one of the hottest issues in College Basketball these days and every time it happens it seems like all the talking heads on TV get to get on their high horse and give hot takes about college kids having fun.

It’s certainly an interesting and I completely see both sides. For some reason we put storming the court on this pedestal, and we like to look at it like it’s some holy thing that should be reserved only for when a team with no chance in hell knocks off one of the top teams in the country. On that note, I was a little embarrassed that Maryland, despite being the 14th ranked team in the country, stormed the court after beating Wisconsin. It’s not like I didn’t see it coming, a couple of friends and me were texting about how it better not happen just a few minutes before it did happen.

I see both sides of the argument though. When I stopped to think about it I really just thought about what I find wrong with it.  The truth is sometime I just feel like the students at Maryland are just looking for an excuse to go crazy, which leads to them, and the University of just trying a little bit too hard. But then I genuinely wonder if I really think they’re trying to too hard, or if I’m just jealous that I’m 25 years old and no longer able to be partying at Bentley’s every Thursday night.

We like to glorify storming the court and try to restrict who does it. We say good teams or good programs shouldn’t do it because “we’re better then that” or “act like you’ve won before.” But in reality these are just college kids trying to celebrate with their peers after a big win. Why should certain kids not be able to do this just because their school has always been good at basketball?

Now before you go and chastise me for calling the basketball players peers take a step back and understand that they are. These are players that students go to class with, work on group projects with etc. My sophomore year I had a class where star guard Greivis Vasquez sat right behind me every* day. So while I won’t claim to know him, these are still guys that you see around campus all the time and if they want to celebrate with their fellow students why should we stop them?

At the end of the day these are just college kids having fun. They get four years to have fun, let them enjoy it. I feel like we hate on them for having fun simply because we’re jealous that we can’t have as much fun as them anymore.

Ultimately this whole discussion is all for nothing because storming the court was only special because it looked really cool at the end of the highlights on SportsCenter but SportsCenter doesn’t even show highlights anymore so who cares…



*Vasquez showed up every single day until the day the ACC Tournament started. Once it started up Vasquez was never seen from again except on days where we had tests.

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