Introducing The Sweatpants Report

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What is The Sweatpants Report?




What is The Sweatpants Report? I finally decided to start another blog and hopefully podcast. I’ve done it in the past and decided to get back into it. The difference? Hopefully no more long-ass crazy “rant” pieces or previews that go way over 2,000 words and take 4 hours to write. I’m going to try to do it more blog style, quote a story, then offer my take in one or two paragraphs all while sitting in my sweatpants gym shorts in my apartment.

I’m hoping it comes out reflecting more of my personality this time, which means insightful and strongly opinionated but at the same time rarely taking myself or anything completely serious and filled with tons of sarcasm. Hopefully, if I get all that right, there may even be some humor. Unfortunately I can’t promise that because while some girls find me hilarious, my friends tell me I’m not funny at all, so as much as I’d like it to not be true, I guess I’m not funny at all.

The blog is going to be about what I feel like writing about. For the most part it’ll cover the teams and sports that I watch, plus any other big thing that happens. So I’ll focus a lot on the Rangers and the Mets*, and yes, there’s going to be soccer. Probably a lot of it.

My goal is to actually take it seriously this time and actually update it. Hopefully I’ll pump out a podcast at least once a week and keep updating it at the very least once a day (at first). Hopefully this lasts for a while and I don’t get bored or embarrassed about it after three weeks and just give up.

So that’s that, hopefully you read it and enjoy it or just feel like arguing and telling me I’m an idiot, but I hope you continue to support me. Thanks.

*Anyone that knows me obviously knows I’m a big Jets fan but I can easily sum up anything there is to say about them with these two words: “they suck.”

DISCLAIMER: This work is completely my own and has nothing to do with WFAN. WFAN and CBS Radio are not affiliated with anything that gets posted on this site.

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